Best Mobile Under $500 is a Best Deal. If you are buying a new phone on a budget, we have good news: there are more powerful, cheaper phones on the market than ever before. Companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung are expanding their flagship features on low-cost options. Other brands like OnePlus are looking for ways to challenge more established manufacturers with budget devices that make smart sacrifices to keep costs down as a Best Mobile Under $500

The bad news is that choosing the best budget phone is even more difficult. Remember that it is impossible to buy a phone that does everything at this price. Instead, prioritize the features that matter most to you. You will have an easy time making decisions and you will end up with a great phone that you should be able to use in the years to come.

Our selection for the best cheap iPhone is the 2020 edition of the Apple iPhone SE. Even though it’s a year old, we think it’s still the best bet for most people. Although it does a decent job at every job, its characteristic is that if treated well, it should last four or more years.

If you are looking for the best cheap android phone then we think Google Pixel 4A is a great option. It has a great camera and good software, although at this point its screen is much smaller than its competition.

What most people are looking for in a 500 500 sub-smartphone is what they want in a more expensive model: longer battery life, better screen, better camera, and better performance. It’s hard to get a high straight A in each of these categories, but if you are able to decide where you’ll endure the occasional B grade, you’ll find a phone you like.

Best Mobile Under $500


  1. APPLE IPHONE SE-Best Mobile Under $500

    Best Mobile Under $500


    The best smartphone under SM 500

    The phone that loses the right balance of camera, quality, speed, battery life, software and longevity for older people is the Apple iPhone S2020. Even though it’s been almost a year now, you should still get a great return. Your investment We recommend upgrading the model with 128GB storage to $ 449, which is $ 50 more than the base price but is worth it in the long run.

    The iPhone SE follows a highly tested and accurate formula. It has the same physical and 4.7-inch LCD screen that Apple has been using since the iPhone 6. This makes the display smaller on a smaller screen size today and also means that the phone’s bells are bigger than anything sold in the market.

    It’s a familiar design, not a “chi modern” one. But in return, you get a much higher price. The 2020 SE is part of the iPhone 11 generation, so its A13 bionic processor is the latest and greatest year behind. (This will be the A14 chip set in the iPhone 12 lineup.) However, it’s still one of the fastest processors you can get on any phone, but it’s one in particular in this price line. In general, speed is nothing compared to the price we pay on the phone, but that’s a good thing.

    Because the processor really matters, though, it’s the longevity. Apple supports its phones permanently for four or more years with software updates. (This is in opposition to Android, where getting a software update on anything other than Pixel is still a struggle.).  So Apple’s choice of a faster processor means that, in a few years, the iPhone SE It will still feel unpleasant and will be supported with iOS updates. .

    As a whole package, the 2020 iPhone SE is the best smartphone for the best people under the SM 500.

    Battery life is good but not the best in class. It should stay close to one day. Fortunately, this iPhone supports wireless charging, which is still exceptional at this price. And since it looks exactly like the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8, it has a huge ecosystem of chargers and cases. Unlike very cheap Android phones, finding sync items for the iPhone SE will be a breeze.

    The iPhone SE has only one camera on the back and one selfie camera on the front, 12-megapixels and 7-megapixels, respectively. Neither is very good in terms of quality by 2021, but both are much better than those shipped on older Apple iPhones. It’s also pretty good in terms of the quality of the sub-500 phones, although the Google Pixel 4A has won this category by knockout. You’ll find a lot of camera features on the iPhone SE, including portrait and HDR, but unfortunately, there’s no night mode.

    As a whole package, the 2020 iPhone SE is the best smartphone under the smartphone 500 for most people. If you think about how much it costs each year, it is significantly less expensive than the competition because it can last for four or five years if you take care of it. Most importantly. It is a great phone on its own merits. You’ll have access to a huge ecosystem of iOS apps, Apple’s strong support network and accessories.



    Best Mobile Under $500


    The best failed Android phone

    If you prefer Android, want to spend a little less money, or just want the best camera, Google Pixel 4A is the obvious choice. Its screen is small, and it doesn’t have the fastest processor, but it has a cleaner version of Android and is number one for Google updates. The 4A was unveiled in August last year, but is still guaranteed to receive software updates by at least August 2023. It comes in Black or Baby Blue with 128GB storage.

    The Pixel 4A’s main claim to fame is its camera, which can be paired with smartphones that cost $ 1,500 or more. This is because Google does a lot of image processing in software. (The sensor itself is actually quite old and not very special.) This means that the Pixel 4A can take night pictures, do astro photography, and has a replica portrait format. It can’t hang with iPhone SE for video but beats it for photos every time.

    The Pixel 4A uses Google’s Android version, which means it’s easier to navigate and provide extra stuff for free.

    The rest of the Pixel 4A is good but not good. It has a 5.8-inch screen, which has enough RAM and a headphone jack to keep apps from closing in the background. There’s no wireless charging, no fancy face locks, and the body is made of plastic instead of something premium, like glass. Pixel 4A doesn’t even offer any water resistance rating (but a splash of water is probably fine).

    The Pixel 4A uses Google’s Android version, which means it’s easy to navigate and the extra stuff you probably don’t want for free. More importantly, this means that Google can approve software updates directly, rather than waiting for another manufacturer or carrier. This puts you at the forefront of Android updates and also guarantees that you will get them for three years.

    Unfortunately, in a few years, it is quite possible that the Pixel 4A will be on its last legs. Android phones usually don’t last long. While iPhones run much faster because Android puts pressure on older hardware more quickly. The Pixel 4A’s processor is so fast today that it doesn’t bother, but over time, it may not age well.

    But for all that, if you want to get an Android phone for less than Android 500, the Pixel 4A is probably the safest bet. You’ll find better software support and a better camera for the 350 camera. Not a bad deal.


    3. ONEPLUS NORD-Best Mobile Under $500

    OnePlus Nord N100 (64GB, 4GB) 6.52" 90Hz Display, Snapdragon, 5000mAh, Dual SIM GSM Unlocked Global 4G LTE (T-Mobile, AT&T...


    The best Android phone outside the United States

    Technically, the OnePlus Nord costs less than $500. Which makes no sense because it is not available in the United States, and the company does not intend to sell it in the states. But if you live in a market where it’s available. The OnePlus Nord is a type of phone that aims to get solid B grades in every category, rather than provoking one or two. At £ 379 / € 399, this is a secure Android bet.

    The OnePlus Nord has a number of features that are generally reserved for more expensive phones: support for Sub-6 5G networks and a 90 Hz refresh rate. If you live in an area where 5G is built. You may get high speed download notifications. But it is the display that will have the biggest impact on your day-to-day experience. It makes everything feel smoother and better.

    You’ll miss the headphone jack with wireless charging and Nord. But really the only big things are missing. Battery life is strong, the 6.44-inch screen is large and beautiful. And the software is less annoying than some competitors (although not as clean as Google). The 9,379 / € 399 model comes with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, which makes it worth the price.

    As far as cameras are concerned, there’s a bunch of them – maybe a lot. There is a standard, an ultra wide.  And a macro camera on the back and a two selfie camera on the front. As is the custom with most smartphone cameras these days. They will take decent photos of you in decent light but will fall slightly below in the dark. You’ll want to use the main camera mostly. As the quality of the Ultra Wide is significantly reduced, and the macro is only good for good, macro or close-up shots.

    Most of the time, there is some compromise on the phone at this price, which forces you to make the feature you really want. With OnePlus Nord, there’s nothing wrong with working around you. Again, though, it’s not available in the US. You can import it, but it is not recommended because it will not work properly on US LTE networks.


    4. GOOGLE PIXEL 4A 5G-Best Mobile Under $500

    Google Pixel 4a with 5G - Android Phone - New Unlocked Smartphone with Night Sight and Ultrawide Lens - Just Black


    A big screen with real-time software updates

    The Pixel 4A 5G is good for all the reasons that the Pixel 4A is good: it has a great camera, good battery life, and clean Google software. Perhaps most importantly, it has a large 6.2-inch screen. Which is spacious but doesn’t make the phone feel too big. It also uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor. Which means it’s faster than the Pixel 4A and all the other sub-Android 500 Android phones you can find. And of course there’s support for the 5G. Which is currently under discussion in the United States. But it could actually be a good way to end the life of this phone. All of this adds to the price of 9,499. Which is just below the wire for this category. Although unfortunately, the Verizon version costs 100 more as a Best Mobile Under $500.

    The Pixel 4A 5G has a slightly better camera system than the Pixel 4A, thanks to the inclusion of an ultraviolet sensor. Google has also made its best NightSite mode automatic and better video with some new ways of stabilizing.

    Otherwise, it follows the standard low-cost pixel formula. It has a plastic back with fingerprint sensor and headphone jack. Google doesn’t download software with the extra crapware you need. But it does include some nice little touches like voice recorders that automatically copy along with the record.

    One day, not having 5G will have a serious negative impact on smartphones, but that fact remains at least a year or two. Even if you ignore the potentially high-speed network speeds. The Pixel 4A 5G is an amazingly powerful phone.


    5. ONEPLUS NORD N10 5G

    OnePlus Nord N10 5G Stylus Pen, BoxWave [EverTouch Capacitive Stylus] Fiber Tip Capacitive Stylus Pen for OnePlus Nord N10...


    If you want 5G then for the minimum amount possible

    At 9 299, the N10 5G is below the threshold for this category. Given its price. You can expect some significant sacrifices compared to the significant 400 or $ 500 phone. And the OnePlus has made some money. But they are also great sacrifices that add up to a tool that is really great for money.

    You won’t find an amazing screen here, though its larger 6.46-inch LCD is much higher than the average with an average 90Hz refresh rate. A worthwhile note is that the device has a somewhat “tall” aspect ratio of 20: 9. Which is a bit unusual at first glance but makes the phone a bit narrow and easy to use with one hand. Its processor is quite capable. Although it sometimes shows its limitations. It also ships with Android 10. Which OnePlus says will be updated to 11, and is only offering a two-year security update.

    On the camera side, the N10 offers a 64-megapixel main camera that is surprisingly good in daylight and even in moderate light. The Ultravad also has an 8-megapixel megapixel, as well as macro and monochrome cameras that aren’t worth talking about. This Pixel 4A level isn’t good. But if you don’t overdo it, the N10’s main camera captures good images in the right light as a Best Mobile Under $500.

    If you can afford to spend a little more, you probably should. A better long-term support tool will save you some money later. But if budget is a key consideration, the N10 5G is as good as it gets at that price. It offers 6GHz 5G support, a good camera, good battery life. A capable processor, and clean Android implementation. This is not a standout in any way. But as a total package, it is very difficult to discuss your capabilities at this price  as a Best Mobile Under $500.






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