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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021 are the Best Online Earning. Affiliate sales can feel like you’re at the top of the Ground Hug Day remake. You keep that activity alive. You create great content through search / SEO, social media, email, etc., bringing traffic to your site. After optimization  your content for conversions. You get people to come to your offer.



Boom you get sales!

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

You get the same commission and more traffic. Your relationship with the customer generates the same commission.

What if you could use the same traffic tools but earn a commission each month for a single transaction? Commission for customer’s lifetime with products.

it’s awesome?

Well, you can do that with recurring commission products.



Common Affiliation-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

  • Sales cycle
  • Attract visitors
  • Send visitor to present visitor
  •  Earn commissions
  • In Rinse and repeat



Recurring Commitment-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

  • Sales cycle
  • Attracts visitors
  • Visitor Send your offer to the visitor
  •  Earn commissions
  • Re-commission every month for every sale






Recurring Commission Related Products

I’m a big fan of Amazon’s affiliate program. It is included and product for any niche. They have a huge element of trust that is a key factor in turning sales into leads. But of course, they can only pay you once for each purchase. The same is true of ShareASale or CJ and all the physical products found in other markets.

This transaction is a single payment so there is only one commission. What kind of product can have recurring commissions?

As a service software (SaaS) offers products, hosting, membership clubs, payment processors, VPN providers, cloud storage products, and commissions-related programs.

Repeated customer payments may include recurring commissions. If the customer is paying the vendor a monthly fee, the seller is able to pay you a monthly commission or a very large percentage of the initial purchase.




These programs are sometimes called;

Frequent references

Outstanding or Lifetime Commission





 Recurring Inactive Income-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Not all monthly service products pay recurring commissions. Some affiliates prefer to pay one-time large commissions to attract customers. Hosting companies usually. It will work. The commission on the hosting contract may exceed the customer’s initial payment. How can they do that?


Because the lifetime value of the customer is very high.


This way the hosting company can calculate the lifetime value of a user.

  1. Average revenue of 0 240 per year with the company.

  2. The cost of goods (COG) sold to a consumer is 60.

  3. The average retention time is 5 years.

  4. Lifetime total cost is $ 900 ($ 240- $ 60) x 5 years = $ 900.

  5. The associated commission or other acquisition costs are $ 250.

  6. Cost of customer life = 650 ($ 900 – $ 250)




So even though the hosting company paid you $ 250 on 240 on the initial purchase proceeds, they are making 6 650 on the deal.

The same is true of the mother-in-law’s world. Many SaaS products have a multi-year license period per customer.


The average length of live chat licenses is over 2.5 years.

The average Instagram account is two years old.




Hosting, Cloud Storage and VPN Related Programs



Best Hosting Affiliate Program-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Hosting companies pay well to affiliates.

This makes it a very competitive place and people bounce their linked cookie from one site to another as they browse. Some pay on a recurring basis and others are front end equipped with higher initial commissions.

All hosting companies will have an affiliate program.

One idea is to keep using the cheapest shared hosting plan, upgrade to a premium plan or even more organized WordPress. You can check out our hosting for recommendations from affiliate marketers.

After upgrading or selecting a plan, create an epic post about your experience. Who did you guess, how did the migration take place, and so on and so forth. Sign up for the affiliate programs of each hosting company mentioned in your post.

It only takes 2-3 attached commissions to pay for the whole year of premium hosting. This is where you can help your audience by getting a healthy commission and recommending a good host.


Some of The Best Hosting Recurring Commission Programs

Web Hosting

1- Liquid web Liquid trade targets the business market. Extremely uptime with exceptional collaboration and servers. The affiliate program pays $ 1,500 commission per sale + 5 lifetime residual income.

2- Cloudways You can choose between two payment structures: 1) Expensive flat commission ($ 50 – 125 per sale) or 2) 30 per sale + 7% outstanding commission each month for customer’s life.

3- Consta you receive 50- 500. Recurring commissions are 10 commissions that are renewed every year for the customer’s lifetime.

  1. In a non-hosting affiliate program, each user has a 40% recurring affiliation commission.

5- Sales commission associated with 20 minutes life. Vandhost is a good price with three main offerings – Value, Select, and Ultimate, priced at 49 5.49 / month, $ 8.06 / month, and .5 12.56 / month, respectively.

6- Fast Hosting 50% in addition to the first month 10% recurring bonus commission.

7- Jacques Host 20% recurring commission.

8- Confirm recurring commissions other than 50 initial commissions.

9- Vermich 15; recurring commission

10- Permanent hosting 10% recurring commission in addition to one time payment



Best VPN Affiliate Program

VPNs allow you to come from another region far beyond being physically located. Some services cannot be accessed. VPN can also hide your physical location if you are downloading from ThePirateBay etc. It provides a layer of privacy.

11- Hide my ass 30 ٪ – 35 ٪ repeated commissions.

12- Zen Mate 30 ٪ – 35 ٪ Recurring commission.

13- Pure VPN One time payment and 35% recurring commission.

14- Targard is running 30% repeatedly







Cloud Storage Program

Cloud storage is used almost everywhere. Some use cloud storage to back up their computers, and some to share files. But it is everywhere.

15- PC Cloud 20 ur running repeatedly

16- Tape Net 65 ٪ Plus recurring commissions



Auto Marketing and Landing Page Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions



Marketing Automation Tools

Automation of Marketing tools helps you put your digital marketing strategy into practice. Think of it as a way to avoid hitting the send button for every email message, Twitter announcement, Facebook post, etc.

Also, your marketing automation tools should help you differentiate your audience. This means you can create focused content that targets a specific group.

Automation tools can take additional steps based on triggers such as downloading a white paper or visiting a particular page.

17- Active Campaign Commission. – 20-30 rec recurring

18- Ontraport Commission. – 25 recurring

19- Active Trail 5 monthly recurring

20- Wishpound 30% Running repeatedly

21- Construction SEO 30% Recurring payments

22- Hubstaff 30%  running repeatedly

23- Snap repeatedly

24- 10% proof of recurrence

25- Sumo 30% Commission – Recurring throughout life.

26- Click on Magic 100% and 35% recurring commission.

27- Ninja Outreach 20% rec running repeatedly






Landing Pages – Funnels-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Landing pages and sales funnels are used by Internet marketers to focus on a specific offer and a set. Sometimes it’s as simple as a product page while it’s a multi-dimensional set of sales, down sales. It will only focus on one presentation and is not usually the same as the header or footer found on the website.



Don’t be distracted by any offers.


28- Lead Pages 30 rec Recurring Commission, must be a member!

29- Cliffs 40% recurring payment.

30- 50% on first payment, 30 ring on recurring amount

  1. Landing 15% to 30% recurring commission.

32- Landing Cube 30% Recurring payments




Email Marketing and Chat Bots Recurring Programs



Email Marketing Services


What makes email so effective is that you have the opportunity to have multiple non-intrusive conversations over time.

After a series of emails with lots of valuable information, you gained some confidence from this possibility.

The possibility of change over the cold. Every internet marketer has an email service provider. They opt-in / opt-out, auto-responder and other /


33- Aweber 30 ٪ monthly recurring. 30 days free trial,

  1. Benchmark 25  recurring recurring payments.

35- Convert Kit 30%  Monthly Recurring 14 Day Free Trial,

36- GetResponse 33% Monthly recurring. 30 days free trial,

37- Mailer Light 30%  Monthly Recurring

38- Sand Lane 30%  monthly Free 14 day recurring trial

39- Send 10%  Send per month





Chat Bots-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Chat bots are all the rage. You may have considered using them in your affiliate activities. Think of them as your own trainers for your business. They are willing to copy your product in a conversation with a user that reflects the identity of your companies.

40- Tarus – 30% monthly payment

41 – Chichat Champ – 50% commission on sale of front end and upsell (Pro Pack)

42- Click Chat: 10 every 10 users 30 plus plus 50 bonus to recreate.






Social Media and SEO Rcurring Commission Related Programs



The best affiliate program for social media automation

For many companies, managing social media without productive tools is difficult.

Social Media Best Recurring Affiliate Programs


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more need to be integrated to keep messaging clean.

Posts need to be scheduled and approved.


43- Crudefire 35% running repeatedly – up to 20 420 per user.

44- AgoraPulse 20% Recurring commission

45- ContentStudio 30% Recurring payments.

46- Post Planner 30% Commission runs repeatedly

  1. Social Pilot 30% Recurring Commission.

48- Social OMF 40% recurring payments.

  1. Telwind 15% Recurring Commission.

50- Tubbody 50% Recurring life

51- Backlink Animal 15% Running repeatedly

52- Viral Tag 20% Recurring Payment.






Best Affiliate Program for SEO Tools

If you want to maximize your search traffic, you need to focus on SEO. If you are an affiliate marketer, you will probably use some of these tools or be very familiar with them. Is to meet your audience.


53- SEMRush 40 rec Recurring commission.

54- SpiFue 40 recurring recurring payments

55- Serpastat 30 ur Recurring commission.

  1. Long Tail Pro 30% recurring commission.

57- SEOPressor Get 50% recurring commissions

  1. LinkedIn 30% Recurring Commissions.

59- SEO Profiler 50% lifetime payment.

60- Linkedible 20% to 30% recurring commission.

61- Leo clients per client to 50 to 75.

62- Rank Pay 10 ٪ – 20 ٪ Recurring Commission





Outstanding Revenue eCommerce Tools and Services




If someone is building an e-commerce site, they are investing in inventory and there will be other costs. They need to change their inventory.

Their eCommerce backup and financial processing companies are mission indispensable applications.

People will spend on them.


63- 20% recurring recurring commission purchases, which per sale. Up to 2000

64- Monthly commission up to 40%

65- Send 20% recurring commission.

66-20% lifetime commission

67- 20% Running again and again

68- Payment 50% recurring commission.

69-25% Sell recurring commissions.

70- Wholesale 2b 30% recurring

71- Shopio 25% Recurring payments

72- Easy Store 100% first month, 20% recurring commission.

  1. Podia 30% recurring commissions

74- X basket 15 rec Recurring commissions

75- 3D cart 25 ٪ monthly recurring payments

76- Ultra cart depending on the level 20% -2%.






Payment Process-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Payment processors handle credit card and other financial relationships between you and your customers. This is how consumers pay you. And how will you get your cash!

77-National processing 25% to 70% recurring

78- Authorized – Net 30% ring Recurring life

79-Eclipse Merchant Services 20% ongoing recurring income

80- Merchant Focus 30% recurring commissions

81- Wilson 20% recurring life






Recurring Revenue from WordPress Tools and Services



WordPress Themes and Plugins

There are many theme companies that are established as membership products. They usually have annual updates but some are arranged as monthly services.

You usually have access to multiple themes and some plugins.

Usually, you also find a support portal and sample content and templates.


  1. Themes 25%  recurring recurring commissions flourish.
  2. Beautiful Themes 50% Recurring Commission.
  3. 50% CSS Igniter Themes and Plugins for every sale plus renewal commission.

85- Premium Coding Themes 35- 50% Recurring Commission.

86- Beaver Builder 25 ٪ is a flexible drag and drop page builder that works on the front end of your WordPress website.

87- Member Mouse Membership Plugin 20 recurring commission.

88- Member Prep Membership Software 25 recurring Commission.

  1. Beautiful links 25 recurring commission




WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

These companies provide you with a tech help desk. You can become a company of 1 and have a desk to help you with WordPress and more.

90- WP 10 rec Access to recurring lifetime commissions.

91- ZenWP8 Lifetime Commissions – 000 3,000 bonus for every 100th customer.




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Recurring Customer Relationship Programs



CRM – Live Chat-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

CRM tools include all tools that predict and predict sales.

Gone are the days when salesmen kept all the contacts for the company in their Rollodex. The current generation has never seen Rolls-Royce.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

These are tools that help the management and sales department follow a customer throughout the company’s history.

92- Capsule CRM You earn 20% for customer’s life.

93- Pipe drive recurring commission 35%

  1. Sales Mate 15 ٪ Recurring

95- Loudspeaker $ 12.50 per month per user – Lifetime.

96- Nineteen Base – 50% Commission In addition to the initial order 15%Repeat





Live Conversation

  1. Geo Chat is running 30% frequently

98-30 rec Support recurring payments

99- Net Chat 35% Recurring Commission.

100- LiveChat Inc 20 ur Recurring Payments

101- LiveAgent bon 5 bonus, 20 recurring

102-20 Ring Avoid recurring payments

103- Online chat centers 50% of initial order and 20% recurring

  1. Crisp 20  Recurring life









Outstanding Revenue Cryptocurrency Programs




Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Well, that’s trending; many bitcoins and cryptocurrencies offer recurring commissions. One thing you can trust with a crypto is volatility. But crypto fans are dynamic participants and like shiny objects.


Some of these programs run for a lifetime and others have a sunset.



113- Butt Stars 25 ٪ – Volume 40 ٪ – 3 months Sunset

114- CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program 25% Transaction Fee- Lifetime Commissions

115 – Prime XBT 20% fees. This is a multi-tier program so the people associated with it hire you for extra commissions – Lifetime commissions

116- Bit bond 20 ٪ – 30. 20% borrower. Lender 30 ٪ – 2 years Sunset

  1. Local bitcoins receive 20% fee. If the same person is a buyer and seller more than 40 ٪ 1 year sunset

118 – 50% fee is charged on the basis of coin – 3 months sunset

119- Binary 20% trading fee. Lifetime Commission – Large accounts on the sliding scale go up to 40%

120- Coinmama 15 ٪ Company Commissions – Lifetime Commissions

121- 15% ledger of transaction cost. – Lifetime Commission

Depending on the amount of your references 122. – Lifetime Commission

123 – Paxful worth 2% of transaction value – Lifetime Commission






Additional Recurring Affiliate Programs



Other Recurring Commissions

There were many recurring commission programs that did not sit neatly in any category. You will find them here.

Also, there are a number of dating-related, CBD and gambling programs that come with recurring commissions if that’s your location. They should return easily to Google search.

The best way to find recurring commission programs is for your audience to make purchases that include recurring monthly bills. Then research these products in search of recurring commissions.


124- Takrot 30% recurring commission.

125- Call hippo 25 revenue share

  1. Tacrot 30% recurring commission.

127- Design Pickle 30% Recurring Commission.

128- Call Hippo 25 Revenue share – for life.

129 – Villiers 30 ٪ Luxury Travel – High Tickets

130- Miracle Canvas 30 ٪ – 1 year old cookie!

131- Free UP Freelancers for every worker 5 .5 per hour. forever.

132- Strategic profit 750 per sale plus 100 recurring recurring

133- Readable 30%Recurring

134 – Click 20% monthly recurring

135 – Deadline Chimney 33 ٪ Repeatable

136- Demio 30 ٪ Recurring

137- Earth Class Mail 25% Recurring Commission.

138- getSiteControl 30 ٪ Monthly recurring

  1. Hodge 30% recurring commission.

140- Hubstaff 30 ٪ monthly recurring

141- Story Chief .20 rec recurring commission.

142- Sales Handy runs 20% monthly






How to Promote Recurring Programs

Strategy-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

Of course, you should try to diversify sales through content marketing and your usual sales chimneys. But these products have a high commission cost, so it’s worth investing in extra time and even some advertising budgets.

In general, consider being more aggressive with these products in terms of traffic and content. Facebook ads, search ads, forum ads, guest posting, dedicated landing pages. These products are more expensive so you may want to spend a little more to capture the bargain.






Here are Some Ideas for Marketing These Products.

offers Keep a dedicated landing page for better offers. This will be where you lead the leads. This type of product is sold differently than the Amazon product. With Amazon, you’ll only get them on Amazon’s website. They are a conversion machine with a big change. You want to warm up your audience with these programs. You are the one who builds trust.



CTA-Call To Action

Use them in your Atrosuper sequence and direct Call to Action (CTA) to the landing page. Your self-responsive layout should start with information only and add value. You can then add a link to your landing page for offers in the same order.

Facebook These are the best products to use with Facebook retrieval ads. When someone comes to your site and reads about the product or someone related to it, target them while they are surfing on Facebook. Someone who is on your email list and you have checked the product may be a good candidate to go directly to the vendor’s offer. Offer Others to others on your landing page.

Use these products on your foundation pages. I like to write in clusters. Anchor a topic with an in-depth information page and then bombard the carpet with detailed posts. The topic page may contain links to the product information page. These internal links also help with SEO.



By eBook

Create eBook-based training for products and tools with affiliate links. A good email capture campaign often uses eBooks as a lead magnet. Another strategy is to make killer e-books and sell them. You can set a price for it and then use it in bonus offers.

  • Bonus offers These programs pay off well. It attracts a lot of affiliate marketers, including those who are bigger and more authoritative than you. Getting bonus offers of free templates, a free ebook, a few hours of training, free support, etc. can help your conversions.

tail buy Google ads for very long tail cheap keywords. Find keywords that are specific to the product but not keywords. Send them to your landing page for this offer.




Hosting Strategy-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

I strongly believe in the use of premium hosting. This creates a better user experience, which is a key SEO ranking. Premium hosting should also mean better backups, staging sites, and great collaboration. Sure you can get very cheap unmanaged management but are you a marketer or hosting geek? There is only so much time in the day.

Instead of continuing to use the cheapest shared hosting plan, upgrade to a premium plan or even managed WordPress. You can check out our hosting for recommendations from affiliate marketers. After upgrading or selecting a plan, create an epic post about your experience. Who did you guess, how did the migration take place, and so on and so forth. Sign up for the affiliate programs of each hosting company mentioned in your post. It only takes 2-3 attached commissions to pay for the whole year of premium hosting. This is where you can help your audience by getting a healthy commission and recommending a good host.





The Tools You Use-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

In addition to hosting, you will likely use a number of tools to run your affiliate business. Things like;

  • Email marketing service
  • SEO tools
  • Gram content preparation tools such as grammar
  •  Plugins







You may like and trust these tools. They help you make money. They are the key to running your business. This makes them the ideal product to represent you. You should have at least one tools page but these alone do not change it well. I will have a landing page for each of them. Make your tools page the cornerstone of the topic and link to your individual tools landing page.


How to Choose a Program-Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2021

As an affiliate marketer, you are in the business of reputation and trust. Never send an offer to someone that you will not buy your own because it is well priced. A few dollars is not enough to earn a commission.

Start with products used or used in the past. Your hosting company, your email service, any SEO or internet marketing product you use. Write down how you use these tools, list them on the “Resource Users” page on your site.

Do thorough research for other products. Most of these programs offer free or low cost testing. Who do not have a refund period.

Reach out to your class and ask them. Vote for their favorite tool for “xyz”. This will create a small buzz of its own.





Recurring commission related programs will be in the toolkit of each affiliated marketer. Affiliate affiliate programs can also be a great way to get rid of the usually blasphemous revenue.

These programs usually have higher commission rates because they create a longer customer life for sellers.

Well, we went a little further with 142 programs. But there is no better affiliate program, it depends on your audience and niche. This is an evergreen post that we will keep current.















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