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Facebook Coin Libra, the long awaited-led digital currency is set to launch in early January, according to three people involved in the initiative, but in a much more limited form than its already falling vision. The 27-strong Libra Association said in April that it plans to launch digital versions of several currencies, as well as a “digital composite” of all its coins. This raised concerns among regulators about the initial plan to create a coin with the help of a basket of currencies.



People’s Arguments About Facebook Coin Libra

However, one of the people said that the association would initially give only one coin in dollars. The man added that other currencies and compounds would be eliminated later.

Facebook Coin LibraThe trio said it would depend on the day the project was approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority as a payment service. Finma said it would not comment on Libra’s request, which was launched in May.

Launched in June 2019, Libra’s approach was scrapped after receiving strong reviews from global regulators, who warned it could jeopardize financial stability and money laundering. Can be a hotbed of laundering. Although the limited scope can cater to cautious regulators, critics have complained that the transfer of single currency coins would make consumers want to exchange currencies at a higher price and hurt their desire.



Financial Inclusion With Facebook Coin Libra

Which will enable maximum financial inclusion. A decade ago, Facebook was a simple network connecting friends and family. One way to connect with your old peers is to break up with them after you finish high school. You can have photos, videos, chats like them, comment on them and they can do that and much more.

Libra Coin

The shopping base grew rapidly and suddenly, billions of people started using the platform. There are more users than cars on the roads and in the skies. That’s all that was said, then the election came and played a key role (no ping intention).

It entered the ranking market, the job market, enabled small businesses to sell online on their Facebook page, it was an amazing 10-year challenge, and God knows how to use Facebook in digital finance. To use Suddenly think of the imprint market?


Although it is not yet clear if some of the major members of the consortium – such as Ober and Spotify – intend to run the currency, some have told the Financial Times that they will wait to see if it will Would be welcomed. Done, before investing in use matters. .

The news came as Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, rallied this week to record close to $20,000 amid growing interest in professional investors and central banks’ digital currencies.

The Corona virus epidemic has accelerated the transition from cash to digital payments. PayPal, the first founding member to withdraw from the Libra initiative, announced last month that it would launch support for cryptocurrencies, including calling for a change in checkout. Inevitable ”



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Why? Where did such ‘social’ networks come from to connect such people?

What is the purpose behind the rapid development of the world’s largest social media networking tool? This is a simple question that every sensible mind is asking now. The introduction of Libra has given life to the sudden injection of other digital cryptocurrencies and no one knows if it was part of the initial plan.

The purpose of introducing digital currency was to become a leader, not to compete, but to wait, if it is far from the game of being a market leader.

In the future, you may or may not need a bank account. If Libra works well, a digital account may suffice.

It’s disturbing, eye-opening, is there a future without banks? Courtesy Digital Currency? The boy who introduced the barter system must have been pulling his hair out about how advanced man has been in a hundred strange years.

Libra allows you to send / receive money, pay for your services, pay your bills, rent, fees, gas and literally everything you do today with your bank and credit card. have been.


It also means financial dominance for Facebook, controlling you, your activities and your life.



China Stand

China has distanced itself from American and digital players such as Google and Facebook. The only way to compete with Facebook in the Chinese market is to make digital profits, and therefore the importance of Libra cannot be underestimated. It helps Facebook compete with Tencent or Alibaba in international markets.

Another point to keep in mind is that Washington would not mind Facebook’s aggressive approach to the Chinese market. The idea is to keep China away from the pace of construction, the first stone was thrown from Huawei’s installment and Libra could have done better in the long run. It will also provoke a tech cold war with China, however, the results may not be as planned.

In an effort to become a one-stop resource, a source of what you do in a minute, has anyone wondered if the Facebook movie is following in Jurassic Park’s footsteps?



What if Dinosaurs were ready?

They can grow in number and compete, eat, and destroy all kinds of human beings, can they handle the world?



Are we making Facebook more dynamic than we need to be? Why should we be controlled? Facebook is the only thing in everything and why and why not a moderate lifestyle because we were without Facebook a decade ago?

Facebook will make a trillion dollars in the near future, a trillion dollars for us The question is, are we safe online?


Originally launched by Facebook executives, Libra faced a difficult birth when a wave of its founding members – including PayPal, MasterCard, Vodafone and eBay – launched in late 2019 and 2020. I launched. He quickly relinquished power and withdrew from the controversial project.


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The association then announced in April that it was using its approach to address regulators’ concerns, which would limit its scope and its system in policing to avoid abuses. Will add Steps are being promised.

The close association with social media networks has also led to the Libra fire, which has been the subject of several privacy scams. But several Libra members say they believe the May appointment of HSBC’s legal head and George W. Bush-era terrorist finance star Start Levy marked a turning point in the plan.

He tried to present himself as independent. Since then, a handful of Facebook members have raced to develop and test their products to launch directly on top of the digital currency network. One of them is Calibra, a subsidiary of Facebook, which is developing a digital wallet to allow Facebook users to keep Libra currency.

A Navy spokesman said the wallet was “manufactured from a product point of view”, but would not initially be available everywhere. Remittances are preferred. The man said Navi needed his license in every US state, adding that many of them had been granted permission but were still waiting for the “maximum 10”. ۔ Including a New Yorker. The battalion is also included.












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